Coming in 2024

Presenting Mātauranga Rangatahi: Pioneering a Brighter Future for Māori Rangatahi in Tech

Welcome to Mātauranga Rangatahi, a beacon of tech empowerment for Māori youth. Our groundbreaking academy offers the promise of an exhilarating journey in the world of tech, providing our students with the vital tools needed to excel in this ever-evolving sphere.

Envision a panorama of learning opportunities, from the mysteries of computer science to the logic of programming, the essentials of cybersecurity to the art of web development. Our programs, delivered by seasoned industry experts, are designed not just to instruct, but to inspire. We foster a deep and lasting understanding of cutting-edge technologies, encouraging Māori Rangatahi to transition from passive users to active contributors, shaping the tech world of tomorrow.

At Mātauranga Rangatahi, we’re guided by the principles of Te Whare Tapa Whā. We passionately believe in the holistic well-being of our students, nurturing not just technical skills, but also physical health, mental resilience, social connections, and spiritual growth.

No matter where you are based, from Tamaki Makaurau to the most remote corners of the world, we adapt to your needs. Engage with us on-site at our dedicated facility or connect with us remotely via our dynamic online learning platform. Committed to inclusivity, we ensure that high-quality tech education is accessible to Māori Rangatahi everywhere.

Our strong partnerships with local businesses and universities translate into valuable internship opportunities and industry connections. These connections act as springboards, empowering our students to make a lasting impact on the tech landscape. Our collaborative environment nurtures innovation and creativity, bolstering cultural pride, and fostering a strong sense of belonging.

Don’t merely interact with technology—make it your own. Embrace the Mātauranga Rangatahi experience and embark on an empowering journey where Māori Rangatahi stand tall as global tech leaders. Together, we’ll leverage the profound Māori kete of knowledge to carve a promising path in the global tech narrative, filled with optimism and boundless possibilities.